Social Workers Hired to Help Crime Victims

The City of Chattanooga is using a $600,000 grant to hire social workers to help crime victims. This is a great thing! After a crime has been committed, the immediate focus always turns to the criminal. Have you ever noticed how everyday people can often discuss the names of the criminals but we hardly remember the victims' names?


Catching and prosecuting criminals is a critical step in the criminal justice program. But it is not the only step and it is hardly enough, by itself, to repair the damage done to a crime victim. Depending on the severity of the crime, it is not uncommon for crime victims to experience some mental health issues following the crime and, in some cases, those issues can alter their entire life. I have seen individuals go from ordinary people to homeless, unable to work out of fear of leaving the house, and even losing custody of their children because they can't focus on anything else. Making sure crime victims are not left by the wayside will benefit our society as a whole.


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