New Animal Abuse Registry in Tennessee

Tennessee is becoming the first state in the country to implement a statewide registry for animal abusers.  This database will contain the names and pictures of individuals who are convicted of animal abuse.  Their information will remain on the registry for two years after the date of their conviction.  If the animal abusers are convicted of a second incident of animal abuse, they will stay on the list for an additional five years from the date of the second offense.  


Public animal shelters will likely be the primary users of this database, which will help them screen individuals who are seeking to adopt and, ultimately, allow the shelters to make sure animal abusers are not given further animals to harm.  The general public will also have access to the database.  Eight other states are now considering similar laws.  


The Tennessee Animal Abuser Registration Act is certainly a step in the right direction for protecting animals that are often not capable of protecting themselves.  Click here to read the entire bill.