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Every Parent Needs An Estate Plan

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"I don't need an estate plan until I have a million dollars." Wrong. Do you know what's more valuable than a million dollars? Your children. Every parent needs an estate plan to protect their children. Here's a few reasons why:

❤️ you need to appoint someone to raise your minor children if you are unable to, whether its due to death or incapacitation;

❤️ the guardian of your children needs to have easy access to funds to raise those children and listing your children (or their guardians) as beneficiaries on your life insurance policy does not work the way you think it does; and

❤️ you need a plan for what happens in the event there is a family accident and more than one member of your family does not survive.

The list goes on. We cannot control the events life throws our way, but we can be prepared to face whatever comes next. Learn more about estate planning.

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