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Estate Planning

You have worked hard on acquiring your assets over the course of your life. We respect that. We also can show you how to plan and prepare for the management of those assets. The lawyers at Jelks are highly skilled at making sure it all goes where it should. However, if you want to do it by yourself, read this.


Embarrassed that you don't know what probate means? Calm down. And while It's true that you need to know about this, the Jelks team went to school for this very reason. We know that you will almost certainly want a power of attorney to negotiate your will, and we also know how inexpensive it can be.

Business Law

Are you looking to start a business, but scared that you will end up losing everything? Are you trying to negotiate a contract but are unsure what half of the words mean? We know lots of big words, and we are good at business law. For anyone who needs to learn how to avoid a bad partnership: you're welcome.


We get it. You have a brilliant idea. Your logo is artistically inspired. You want to make sure someone else doesn't swoop in and pretend they came up with your idea first. So hire Jelks to protect your brand, we specialize in trademark law. In the meantime, don't you dare enter into anything without a non-disclosure agreement.

Jelks Law serves the greater Chattanooga area and surrounding communities including: Soddy Daisy, TN; Red Bank, TN; East Ridge, TN; Ooltewah, TN; Signal Mountain, TN; Cleveland, TN; Lookout Mountain, GA; Ringgold, GA