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Don't you just love a beautiful brand? A well-chosen product name, a sleek logo, a memorable tagline, a business name you wish you had thought of. We know you're in love with your brand and the content you've created for your business because it's plastered all over everything - your business card, shirt, mug, car...and you're even thinking of getting your company logo tattooed on your ankle if the sales team reaches their annual goal. Everyone knows your brand. And they better, you've invested major capital in it.

So we have to ask, is it protected? Your company's assets go beyond your brick and mortar. Your business name, logo (mark) and slogan or tagline are valuable assets, so you may want to consider trademarking them.

A Trademark is legal protection for your brand that distinguishes it as belonging to your business alone and can prevent other businesses from using it for their own financial gain. The trademark research process can also reveal if another business has already trademarked that clever business name or slogan you thought was so unique, saving you time and money on wasteful marketing collateral...not to mention tattoo removal.

Let us help you with:

  • Trademark research - We exercise the required due diligence by completing a comprehensive, national trademark search before you commit to that company name, logo or slogan you love so much.

  • Trademark registration - Once we've confirmed your brand is eligible for trademarking, we'll handle all the paperwork for your application. You're welcome.

  • Cease and desist letters - You've secured your trademark but have discovered another business is using your trademarked brand. We will draft a cease and desist letter and send it to the copycat business.

To get started, schedule a meeting with us through the link at the top of the page. We will assess your needs and develop a plan of action to get your beautiful brand registered, in front of your clients, and keep it protected.